Check out our new Black Edition 360 Seadoo Jet Ski

Riding on a Jet Ski is fun!

Whether riding one on the sea or on a lake, there’s hardly a better way to spend an afternoon.
Maybe you’ve ridden one on vacation or tried out a friend’s machine and now you’re thinking of buying your very own Seadoo Jet Ski. At 158 Performance (Seadoo dealers) we stock the Seadoo range of Personal Watercraft. The range is wide and can be daunting unless you are an experienced Jet ski owner.

We can work through the different options available to help you choose exactly the right craft for your needs, from speed, size, storage to how many passengers you would want to carry.

With a Seadoo Jet Ski you can explore areas where boats often can’t go. Imagine the spray of water on your face as you ride on the waves at high speed with the sun overhead giving you the ideal tan, a Seadoo Jet Ski can be the ultimate water fun. As well as the high-octane thrills, jet skiing has health and fitness benefits.

It is a great water sport for developing the body’s balance and coordination skills, it requires concentration to stay on the Seadoo jet ski. Similarly, it helps strengthen both the arm and leg muscles as you give them a good workout.

Seadoo Jet skiing refreshes the body’s senses, allowing the rider to chill out.