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rxp-x1-255The Sea-Doo RXP X 255 RS is the quickest PWC on the water, and it has race-inspired features, everything a rider wants. It has 255 horses, handling fit for a fighter jet, a high performance intake grate and Variable Trim System, an X-finger throttle and X-traction mat, plus every inch dripping with jaw-dropping style. However there is on issue: seating for 3, throttle for one. So be sure to rotate, because everyone deserves a turn at the helm of one of the quickest 3-seaters on the planet. The RXP X 255 RS is powered by a powerful 255 hp Supercharged Intercooled Rotax 4-TEC engine you truly have to experience to believe. Sea-Doo designed this engine to offer you the best performance possible at a price that is reasonable.

The Multifunction Digital Information Center tells you more things because it reports on 20 key operating functions.  The hull of the RXP X 255 RS provides the smoothest and stable ride you could dream of, while the seat, the VTS system, the handlebars and the carpeted footwells and reboarding deck pads offer you more comfort.

Exuding power, the SeaDoo RXP also has great strength, featuring streamlined design characteristics for a look and performance unmatched by any three-passenger watercraft. With the SeaDoo RXP, there’s no need to be greedy. It’s got an industry leading 215 HP engine and get this – seating for three. And with power like this, don’t worry, an extra rider or two won’t slow you down. So you can have your power and share it, too. The aS system allows the hull to move independently of the upper deck, isolating the rider and passenger from the impact of rough water. In stock form, the aS suspension is calibrated at the factory for what Sea-Doo says are 2 foot – 5 foot wave conditions, and provides anywhere from 65-115% more compression dampening than the standard iS system found on other models. Further suspension fine-tuning can be found by accessing an adjustment screw under the craft’s seat. The hull and upper deck are linked via pivoting aluminum arms front and back; a coil spring and gas shock handles the suspension load. The iControl computer determines the correct amount of preload for the spring, but unlike the iS system the rider can then further fine-tune the suspension by manually turning a knob on the nitrogen remote reservoir located within the glove box.

Race Inspired Features

rxpfunLots of features are race inspired but they will come in handy for everybody and are actually quite fun to use.  The X-information centre, the control panel to you and me, provides a wealth of information, and reports over 30 key operating functions to the user. The interactive multifunction system provides all your basic stuff like a tacho, speedo and low fuel and oil level meters, etc, etc. But it also provides features such as lap times, average speed, time/ distance to empty and a compass, which are especially useful for those long distance rides. From the X-information centre you can control Sea-Doo’s High-Performance VTS, a variable trim system which comes as standard on the aS 260. It adjusts quickly on the fly and offers presets that can be reached with a double-tap of the button on the dashboard.

The RXP is a fine machine and one to consider buying if you wanted a large sea-going watercraft. It has all the fixtures and fittings to make long distance coastal riding fun and, more importantly, comfortable. The storage compartments aren’t huge, but sizable enough to house the important stuff. It comes with all the standard Sea-Doo gadgetry including digitally coded lanyards, reduced sound system, closed looped cooling and many more features that have kept and will continue to keep Sea-Doo watercraft at the top of the tree when it comes to innovative, cutting edge design with top end performance and looks.